By Ray Yates

September 7 -- Critique session. Bring your song on cassette tape and 15 lyric sheets. Open to current members.

September 15 -- Board Meeting.

September 21 -- Critique session.


By Ray Yates

Welcome to three new LASC members: Vincent Reynolds, Tammara Moses and William Inman. They have received member numbers 426 through 428.

Vincent Reynolds is half of a song writing team. He and his wife Rozlyn moved to Louisville in May of this year. Vincent has played guitar for 20 years and has been writing for 10 years. He toured the midwest bar circuit with the group Man About Town before moving to Los Angeles. Vincent calls his music alternative. I call it refreshing.

Tamara Moses is from Williamsburg KY. She joined the Co-op and had a song critiqued at her first meeting. Tammy plays piano, writes country music and sings her own songs. She has a wonderful voice and is considering doing a demo tape at one of the local recording studios.

William Inman - no information was available as of this writing.

Also two former members have re-newed their memberships. They are Bill Riddle (member #62). and Rebecca Bennett O'Toole (member #190). Becky did a great job with the female vocals on a duet that was critiqued this month and is looking for other opportunities to perform. I highly recommend her.

Eighteen songs were presented at August critique sessions by LASC members: Michael Boehnlein, Michael Layman, Ray Yates, Glenda McCoy, Joann Hatcher, Earl Meyers, Tim Lynch, Rozlyn Reynolds, Vincent Reynolds, Joey Weyler, Joe Forgacs, Tammy Moses. Tom Florian, Michael Tilford, and Charlie Walls. Some of these writers played a song at both meetings. That's why there are more songs than writers. If you want your name in the paper, then please bring in your tapes. The LASC is open to all types of music.

Any one interested in joining the LASC or wanting more information can call me at 502-969-1326, and I will be glad to answer any questions and forward a membership application. Please include the attached biographical information with your application. It helps us to know something about our new members. The welcome column is great place to let yourself be known.


Members renewing their membership last month are: Marie Augustine, Cheryl Lynn Riffle, Susan Tomes, Cindy Lee Alison, Melissa Combs, Joann Hatcher, Ron Gambrell, Beryl Peavey, Elliot Sewell, and Sherry Ward. Thank you for your continued support.

Marla Thomas Moffett joined the LASC last month. Marla lives in Shively KY and is a member of the NSAI and ASCAP. She writes country music and has been pitching songs to country artists for the last year. She will be going to Nashville at the end of August to pitch songs. Good luck, Marla. We hope to hear some of your songs at upcoming critique sessions. She is not related to the Prez.