Recent Local Releases

CURTIS MARLATT Something's Wrong

10-Song cassette, CD.

ear X-tacy, Electric Ladyland, Hawley-Cooke, Marlatt gigs.

Info: (502) 456-4605.

TOM BROWNING Into the Liquid Sky


Stonefish, ear X-tacy, Better Days, Browning gigs.

Info: (502) 473-1123.

BOBBY LANZ Bobby Lanz, featuring Jerry Green and Trefe Osborne

Musicland, Shively Records, ear X-tacy.

Cassette, CD single.

Info: (502) 451-9067.

And Some Not-So-Recent Ones

Cousin Annie Belle The Lemon Song

Cassette, 45s.

Info: (502) 964-0691.

With these listings, we are introducing a column devoted to local recordings. Although we would like for this column to reflect only new releases, because it is a new feature we will (at least for a while) list current albums even though they are not brand new.

If you would like to list your album, please send pertinent information (including a phone number where we can reach you to verify your information) to the following address:

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