Pray for Rain (Vireo Records)
Pray for Rain

By Steve Estes

This release is only its label's second to date, and if it is any indication of things ahead, we are in for a great year.

Pray for Rain is a three-piece from Minnesota, whose sound can only be described as progressive Paul McCartney with an alternative edge and 90s production.

The lead vocals are handled by Joel Hanson with assistance from band mates Pat Andrew and Mark Nash. The harmonies are reminiscent of Paul McCartney and Wings, with strong songwriting from the band and some outside help from William Breen. this could possibly be one of the strongest new debut albums of 1992. Sample these lyrics from "Stay":

The clouds are empty, they roll away

The sky is silent, I am amazed

That you are still sitting here

When you could have left me to drift away.

My picks are "Stay" and "Do You Want to Know Love."

If you enjoy alternative-edged pop rock with some "way cool" vocal stylings, you will dig this. So if you're gonna pray, Pray for Rain.

(Steve Estes is a music specialist for Berean Christian Stores.)