Brit-feel pop on the mark

What Goes On (Charisma)
The Sighs

By Allen Howie

What The Sighs need is a gimmick. Oh sure . . . they've got a new album that's brimming with wonderfully melodic songs, neat lyrical twists, heavenly harmonies, tasty guitar work and a rhythm section that never lets up. But how far can stuff like that get you?

Pretty far, judging by What Goes On. Staking out much of the same magnificent terrain as Marshall Crenshaw, the quartet delivers a dozen pop originals, from the dreamy lilt of ballads like "Can't Reach You" and "Can't Refuse Your Love" to the edgy rock of "No Caroline," with its neat twist on the Beach Boys' "Caroline No"

Throughout the record, The Sighs evoke aural images of a dozen British Invasion bands without imitating any. Their sound, while relying on rock traditions older than they are, is bracingly fresh and devoid of calculation. This would be a great band to hear live, working their way through their three- and four-minute pop gems with the same wit and whimsy they bring to bear on this record. If your summer needs a boost, check out the sparkling new effort from The Sighs.