Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

The local all-age music scene has seen its greatest height since the early 1990s. Part of this increase has been attributed to the recent success of underground acts such as Nirvana and Helmet. Nevertheless, the local scene is growing. Clubs like Tewligans, which has catered to an all-age crowd for nearly ten years, now find that their monthly all-age shows have been doing well. The Machine has been doing two shows per week, which have been drawing somewhere between 300 to 800 per night, providing both youth and adults with the latest in underground music and video game technology.

Bands seem to be happy with the Machine, because not only does the club offer good pay, they treat the bands with the respect they deserve. But it isn't the club that is bringing in the crowds, it's the bands.

Bands like Evergreen, who brought in a whopping 650 people, are packing the crowds into the music hall. Evergreen released a record on Self-Destruct records and it has been selling phenomenally well.

While speaking of releases, I should tell about all of the local bands and their upcoming records, or records that have just been released. Kill has released its first single, entitled "Three Colored Man," which seems to be selling well.

Shut Out released their first seven-inch on Better Days records. Also on Better Days is Enkindel, who has recorded for an LP. Lather is lathering up to do a split twelve-inch with Evergreen on Self-Destruct. Son of Dog, who has added a man named Ben on guitar, plans to release another seven-inch soon.

Big Wheel is putting a twelve-inch out in April, and Peter Searcy will be very busy on tour supporting it. Shovel is doing a reunion this April, with Jawbox.

Falling Forward just recorded a beautiful seven-inch for a new local label, Nobel Recordings. Look out for both band and label, because they seem to be the hot new items.

Sunspring will be putting out a record called Poppy, which will be backed by Break Even Point, Slamdek, and, more surprisingly, ear X-tacy.

Endpoint will be putting out a new record before the summer, which might have different people on it. Guilt will be recording a twelve-inch to back up their seven-inch, which was released on March 15.

Pulse will be issuing a compilation seven-inch, which is issue number three. The record will contain songs from Avail, Endpoint, Rain Like the Sound of Trains, and a band that won't be mentioned until the record has been pressed.

While on the topic of magazines, there is a new zine called SR, which is a straight-edge kind of product. Also out is We All Fall Down, a publication by Dave Cook.

Lately bigger bands have been working their way into the all-age circuit in Louisville. Jawbox is playing at The Machine on April 3, with Tar on the bill. Agent Orange replaced a canceled Born Again March 3. With all this action going on in the all-age music scene, it's really hard to see the popularity of it dying soon.