Captain Waste Buster

The Du Pont Waste Busters, sponsors of a songwriting contest announced in January, have awarded two $100 prizes to members of the LASC. Both Barbara Ellen Allender, of Bridgeport, Ill., and local member Tim Lynch submitted entries that the Waste Busters judged suitable for use in videos featuring the Captain Waste Buster character.

Other LASC members who submitted songs to Du Pont included Louisvillians Kenny Bunch, Tom Florian, Joann Hatcher, and Earl Meyers, and out-of-towners Ross "Lucky" Fulton, Sr. of Brohman, Mich., and Clara Jacobs of Warsaw, Ohio.

The Du Pont Waste Busters were gratified at the number of responses (eight) and by the effort each person put into his or her entry.

"Who would have thought it worthwhile to write a song for a chemical plant's waste minimization program?" said Waste Busters Chairman Jonathan Miller.

Jonathan, a member of the LASC Board of Trustees for '93-94, extended the thanks of the Du Pont group to all contestants for showing how much they care about our environment. As a token of their appreciation, the Waste Busters sent each non-winning entrant a letter of thanks and an insulated zipper bag.

The LASC has also received a letter of thanks from the Du Pont waste minimizers for getting the word out about the contest and for sharing the results with the Co-op's membership.

The LASC congratulates Barbara and Tim for submitting the winning songs, and expresses its appreciation to Jonathan for his efforts in providing this opportunity for its writers.