By Ray Yates

Critique Session. Bring your song on cassette tape and 15 lyric sheets.

April 13 -- Board Meeting at the home of Tim Lynch.

April 19 -- MIDI Session.


Yours truly will demonstrate making music with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) at the April 5 meeting. That strange 5-pin plug on the back of keyboards is showing up on nearly everything from guitars to toasters. Join us and be demystified.

The discussion will begin with synthesizer basics, then move on to the basics of drum machine programming and MIDI sequencing. I will attempt to construct a new song from scratch to demonstrate the overall process for beginners. Also, I will give a few tips for advanced users; like how to stretch the 16-channel limit, way cool echo effects, and how to play all of those hot keyboard sounds without giving up your guitar.


By Ray Yates

The LASC would like to welcome new members Verman Winburn, Sherry Hatton, Jack Schupp, Greg Wilson, and Mark Spence, Esq. who were give member numbers 464 through 468.

The turnout for critiques continues to be high. Last month, songs were presented by Michael Tilford, Linda Gower, Scott Furlong, Mike Layman, Tony Cestaro, Earl Meyers, Tom Florian, Jack Schupp, Ray Yates, Paul Moffett, Jonathan Miller, Mark Gibbs, Mark Spence, Ed O'Connor, Joe Forgacs, and Eric Johnson.

Eric Johnson, one of our Atlanta based members, sent two songs to Paul Moffett for review by the group. This might give Louisville writers some ideas.

Four of the songs represented rewrites of works previously evaluated. I believe that in each case the consensus was that the songs were better.

New members should always remember not to take criticisms personally. I know I've said this before but it bears repeating: a really honest opinion can be hard to find and hard to take once you get it. Take each comment in the spirit given. If someone makes a valid point, it may help provide a better direction for the development of a song. If you disagree with an opinion, then cheerfully disagree -- Follow your OWN best instincts. A song has to please the writer before anyone else.


Want information about the LASC?

Call Louisville Music News at 502-231-5559


Donald Leffler, John Limeberry, Bob Rosenthal and Tim Lynch renewed his memberships last month. Thank you for your continued support.

Any one interested in joining the LASC or wanting more information can call me at 502-969-1326, and I will be glad to answer any questions and forward a membership application.