Letter from the Editor

By Michael Layman

As of this issue I have not received one offer to write an article for the newsletter. I had hoped to be overwhelmed with responses. Still, there's always hope. This is your chance to contribute, maybe next month. Remember, 500 words or less typed or on computer disk (I'll return the disk). I know you've been busy, but we need your input.

I want to salute WFPL and WQMF for featuring local acts with their original music. In addition, we can add Phoenix Hill and Butchertown Pub to the slim number of clubs in town with an "original music only" night. If we had more airplay and club participation for local original music I believe we'd see a local group or two make the big time. Clubs and radio need your support; let them know how you feel about original tunes played out and aired on the radio.

Finally, I thought I'd make a personal appeal to some members I know, but haven't seen in a while: Lee Cable, Gardner Barger, Patrick Fitzgerald, Ray Burden, Jude Kupper, we've missed you. Please try and make the next meeting. We've moved to the Musicians Union Hall (back door), 1436 Bardstown Rd. (one door north of Eastern Parkway). Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month. Please make plans to come.