The Prez' Spot

By Paul Moffett

Songwriters, start your recorders! Many opportunities to "do something" with your songs are looming on the horizon.

The first opportunity will be the chance to pitch songs to bands for the November showcase. After lots of discussion, the Board decided to stage an event similar to last year's, but change the process by which the songs get pitched to the bands. This year, we will be notifying LASC members of who the bands are as they get selected and the members are then free to pitch songs to the bands.

The Co-op will also provide avenues to pitch songs to bands, including acting as go-between and holding pitch sessions. Precise details have not been worked out yet, but get your songs ready, nonetheless.

We are soliciting regional bands to be on the Hit Makers '93 Showcase. Bands must live within 150 miles of the Louisville area, be willing to play three songs written by members of the Co-op who are not in the band and be seriously interested in getting a record deal.

Interested bands must submit a cassette with three songs on it to the LASC by May 15.

For more information, contact Paul Moffett at (502) 231-5559 or write: LASC, P. O. Box 16, Pewee Valley, KY 40056.

The other opportunity will be Songwriting Competition '93, set to run in August, 1993. This year we have added a lyrics-only category and expanded the jazz category to include all instrumental music, including New Age and pop.

The lyrics-only category has one little 'ol twist – the lyrics must be read aloud onto a cassette tape for submission. The Board decided that this would aid us in judging, in part by revealing the essential structure of the lyric. The operational rule is roughly this: if you can't read it, you probably can't sing it.

More information about the contest will be forthcoming. Watch these pages.

At the risk of being repetitive, any member of the Co-op who would like to learn more about the business by getting involved in the Co-op's activities should contact these folks:

Showcase -- call Tim Lynch or Jonathan Miller;

Newsletter -- Mike Layman

Membership -- Ray Yates

Contest & Seminar -- Paul Moffett

Check your roster for the phone numbers.

Keep on writin'.