WFPL Wants Your Music

Good news, songwriters! WFPL's Frank Goldberg is looking for original music by local and regional artists for airplay on the station's various music programs.

Although a new program of all-original music is being considered, present plans call for the selected songs to be scheduled on existing genre-appropriate programs on WFPL.

The details are simple:

1. The material must be professionally recorded.

2. CDs are preferred, although other formats will be accepted.

3. Send your song(s) to Frank Goldberg, WFPL, 301 York Street, Louisville, KY 40203-2257 and indicate the type of music that is being submitted, so that it can be passed along to the proper person.

Songwriters have long and loudly decried the lack of local stations willing to take a chance on original music.

Decry no more.