Your Mother ... Yo Yo Ma ... No, It's Yo Mama !

By Karen Le Van

The first time the trio played together in a little dive in Bowling Green, the announcer said in his true Kentucky drawl: "Let's all put our hands together for these little ladies...

"Whispered off stage: "What's their name?"

"Your Mother!

" Whispered off stage again: "You can't call yourself that!"

Girls reply: "No, it's Yo Mama!"

Announcer again: "Your Mother."

Well, they have even been advertised as "Yo Yo Ma," but they sure don't play the cello.

Tuesday night, March 23, it was the 10-year reunion of Yo Mama at Diamond 'n the Ruff and it was "Yo-riffic!"

Nashville favorite and Louisville native — Jonell Mosser was joined by her college friends Kathy Mac and Cathey Stamps for the reunion of the band that first brought Jonell recognition in Bowling Green, Nashville and surrounding areas.

The evening was filled with fond memories as the girls sang some of the old songs, added several new numbers and told stories of the good old days. They were joined by Kirk "Jellyroll" Johnson on harmonica and Matt Stamps on guitar. Jonell even played guitar on several of the songs.

One of my favorite new songs of the evening was one written by Cathey Stamps that Jonell had done a demo of, giving it her own trademark sound. The song, "I'm Gonna Put You Out of My Misery," was a hit with the audience; a great idea and song. All three of the ladies took turns on vocals and backup.

Another new song, "A Land Where Silence is King," written by one of Nashville' s hottest writers, Gary Burr and Jim Photoglo, created another special moment.

There were several highlights this evening. The trio had rehearsed only three times, but during rehearsal one night they discovered Neil Diamond songs didn't sound bad without Neil. At the reunion performance, they proceeded to do their version of "Play Me" and it was fantastic! Their harmonies were wonderful!

Yo Mama —Yo Grandmama, they kidded — was indeed a treat. Old friends they hadn't seen in years showed up to share the memories. Hope we don't have to wait another ten years for Yo Mama to "sing it again ..."