Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

A poetry teacher I had last semester at the University of Louisville once said that true poetry is taking a chance. He followed by saying basically that if you aren't taking chances with your poetry then it is probably not the best that it could be. Well, I sat at home and thought about that for a while, and came to the conclusion that music is much the same way. After all, lyrics are a form of poetry. Then I asked myself if I was taking these same chances in the lyrics I write. And who did I know that did take these chances.

Well, I felt that I was doing okay, I could take my lyrics a little further, but then I realized who really takes chances: K Scott of Louisville's pride and joy Sunspring. His lyrics usually deal with someone that he is friends with. For example, "Box of Answers" and "Law Low." I am sure that these two songs brought him a lot of trouble after the record was released. I wish more bands in Louisville would take a chance with their lyrics, maybe not so bluntly as Scott, but still take chances.

Scott's Louisville summer shows turned out to be successful, and I am sure the bands and crowds would agree. Jeff Puckett from The Courier-Journal came to the shows to take notes on an article he was writing for the Scene [Saturday, July 17]. The cover would feature a picture of Endpoint.

Sancred is rumored to be breaking up within a couple of months. Evergreen has begun to play around with the new drummer and new singer. Guilt just added Ben King from Son of Dog to play guitar. Endpoint will play on July 30 at the Machine with Pulse before we (Endpoint) leave for a month to tour the West Coast.

Speaking of Pulse, they just released a seven-inch on Three Little Girls that seems to be pleasing the crowds quite a bit. I expect good things to be happening to these guys real soon. Three Little Girls has put together a compilation with a lot of local bands Hula Hoop, Pulse, Guilt, Sunspring, Bush League, etc. It was scheduled to be out for mass consumption by July 17. Rodan is planning to put a record out on Touch and Go, a very large independent label out of Chicago.

Bush League has added a new bassist to the lineup. Falling Forward put out a record on Nobel Recordings that was also expected to be available on July 17. LG&E plans to release a full-length LP on SlamDek later this fall. Rumor has it that the members of the now defunct Kinghorse have been seen loading equipment together; I will have more on this story as it develops.

Well, people, that is it for this month's paper. I hope you found something in here that you wanted to know, and once again I ask you to send me any information on local bands that you feel needs to be printed. I leave on tour on August 1, so I'll be writing my next article from the road. I'll be comparing the scene in other towns to that of our very own.

Thank you for your time.