Lefty and the Lunatics

By Paul Moffett

"Lefty's fun to watch sing."

So said drummer Joe Paris of his band mate, Steve "Lefty" Day, who was born with only one arm.

"He makes the most of it, too," Paris commented about Day.

Together with Joe Cooper, guitarist, and Perry Reisert, bassist, Paris and Day make up Lefty and the Lunatics.

The guys grew up together and attended Providence High School, where they formed their first band, called The List. Later, after graduation, all but Joe Cooper went to Indiana University. Their musical grouping was re-established three and a half years.

"This is a fun hobby. We enjoy it," Paris said. "We play the Golden Nugget and parties just to pay the bills and have fun."

Lefty and the Lunatics play college rock, including tunes by REM, the Bodeans, Guess Who, the Smithereens and even material by the "World's Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Band," the Rolling Stones. In addition, they currently have four original tunes on their playlist.

All four have regular day jobs. Paris is a wholesale furniture salesman and Day is the head of computer operations for PRIMCO. Cooper owns Southern Indiana Gymnastics and Reisert is a real estate appraiser. Asked about any plans they have for expanding their musical business, Paris said:

"We have a lot of fun and are slowly building a following. That's enough."

Lefty and the Lunatics will be playing at the Golden Nugget on August 20 and 21.