Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Bring Me the Teeth of Lonnie Mack Dept. Marvin Maxwell called up after the MERF event on the 21st and insisted that we put a lost-and-found ad in the paper. It seems that while Marvin and Lonnie Mack were out engaging in a little post-gig unwinding, Lonnie lost the upper half of his pearly whites. Maxwell is offering a reward to anyone who brings Lonnie Mack's teeth into Mom's.

P. S. The hotel where Mack was staying shook out every sheet from some four hundred rooms prior to putting the sheets into the washing machine. Now that's service.

What's Christmas Without the Blues? Division. Scott Mullins has recorded Santa Is A Bluesman, Vol. II and is ready to release it, just in time for Christmas. This year, the compilation is on CD and will feature nineteen songs by all the big blues names in the area, including (but not limited to) the Metropolitan Blues All-Stars, Curtis and the Kicks, da Mudcats and Lamont Gillispie and the Homewreckers.

Rodney Hatfield of the Metropolitan Blues All-Stars did the cover painting. The release date is December 1 and there'll be a release party at Swanson-Cralle Gallery on Bardstown Road, followed by a blues show at the Blue Bird Cafe. Look for it at the usual places.

Wayne Young and Friends are settling down and in. Rob Brown has replaced Pete Peterson on keyboards and the group is working at the Grand Theater in New Albany.

Wilder Days has added Austin Preston on steel guitar. In his day job, Austin trains elephants. No, really.

Doctor Don & the Love Dogs are preparing to celebrate their 5th Anniversary with a show at the Rudyard Kipling on January 14. How did they last that long?

Not New News Dept. No doubt our All-Ages columnist already mentioned this, but here is another mention: Rodan gets a writeup in Touch 'N' Go Records' latest press release. The band has recorded an album scheduled for release in March.

Radio, Radio, Radidio. WTFX the Fox has added two new shows. "The Fox Metal Pit" will be on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. The show has Black Frank as host and will play classic and current metal. Just think, "Iron Man" returns.

Following "The Metal Pit" will be "Detour," an alternative music show. Hosts will be Chris and Camille and they will play new and old alternative (Is that an oxymoron or what?). The Fox is at 100.5 on the FM dial.

Way Down in Nebo, Ky. Dept. Elsie Childers drops us a copy of her newsletter pretty regularly and writes now and then. Last week, she wrote a note to tell us that she has a new 24-track digital studio at Trusty International. Her engineer, Michael Cain, is a Louisville native and just finished teaching a course in multi-track recording at the University of Kentucky and will teach another in January.

Call Elsie at 502-249-3194. For information about the class, call 800-546-6347.

• The Louisville Ballet will be very busy during the Christmas season. In addition to staging The Nutcracker several times, the Ballet will be having a Holiday Style Show at the Ballroom of the Seelbach Hotel on Saturday, December 4, at 3:00 p.m. The Eighth Annual Nutcracker Ball will be held at the KCA on Friday, December 10. On December 19, the Third Annual Nutcracker Children's Party will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Galt House East.


• The Kentucky Opera has announced that the Kentucky Opera Building at 101 S. 8th at Main St. is the new residence for the Kentucky Opera. The telephone number remains the same: 502-584-4500.

Roadrunner Video has announced that it will hold annual music video awards. The last date for entries for this year was November 30, with judging during the first week of December.

Three finalists from each of two categories, Rock and Country, will be selected during the first week of December. From December 17 until January 7, the six videos will be on a "People's Choice" videocassette, available for rental from Roadrunner Video for $1. Proceeds from the rental will go to benefit MERF.

The winnners of the Grote's Awards will be announced at the 1st Annual Roadrunner Music Video Awards Show at Coyote's on January 11. There will be awards for several categories, including Best Video, Best Performance by a Lead Vocalist, Best Performance by an Individual, Best Performance by a Group, Best Song, Best Technical Achievement, and People's Choice Award.

Winning bands in each category will get $250 and the band with the "Best Video" will get $1,000. In addition, the winning band will get an all-expenses-paid trip to either New York (rock) or Nashville (country).

The proceeds from the admission to the awards show will also go to benefit MERF.

Molly-Ann Leikin is a songwriter and songwriter consultant out California way. She also writes books about the songwriting business, a couple of which I have read, to my advantage. Some while back, she sent me a copy of How To Make a Good Song a Hit Song to me for review purposes. Unfortunately for Molly-Ann, that was about the time that I got so busy being a newspaper person that I just about gave up songwriting (and reading about songwriting). However, I did work my way through a good part of this good book at last.

It's not a beginner's book, with the main sections entitled: Rewriting, The Psychology of Songwriting and Doing Business in the Music Business. (If there is a songwriter who knows how to do business, it's Molly-Ann Leikin.)

Burnt out with songwriting? Read it. Her Seven Commandments of Songwriting should be tattooed on every songwriter's dominant hand.

If you want her to help you with your song(s), look for her address in the back.

The book is published by Billboard and is available through most bookstores.

Key Changes

• Open-stage regulars Bill Gee and Martha Pillow are more than musical partners: They tied the knot early in November and honeymooned in Virginia. Congratulate them at the Rudyard some Monday.

• From down Lexington way, word comes that Sun-Ray Records owner James Price passed away on June 8, 1993.

Albert Collins died of cancer at age 61 on November 24, 1993. Collins was a blues guitarist with the nickname "Master of the Telecaster."