Letters . . .

Taping for "White Leper" Show

Wouldn't you be elated to know that an alleged leper in disguise was sneaking around Louisville, videotaping local talent to cable-cast on the "WHITE LEPER" show, Wednesday nights, on Channel 22, at 10:31 p.m.?

P.S. The answer to the above question is that some people would like to be on TV for the exposure, while others would like to be paid. Still others may not want exposure. So that is why I don't videotape anyone without their permission in writing.

My show will be cable-casted on the above schedule, and I would welcome any performers who have copyrights for their own material as I have.

Jack Darrell Spurling

3235 Taylor Blvd.

Louisville, KY 40215-2604

(A typographical error by Mr. Spurling in his address listed in last month's issue has been corrected above. Mr. Spurling requested that we run just the first sentence of his most recent letter, which we did. We decided, however, to take it one step further and include the p.s. to his letter. — Editor.)

Wants Presidential Medal for Hank Sr.

We are looking for Hank Williams, Senior fans!!

We got Hank Williams on a commemorative postage stamp which is a great honor but I believe he should receive a higher honor. ... the "Presidential Medal of Freedom." ... I believe Hank deserves this award because of his great musical talent to write and sing songs that touched our hearts and we could relate to. Hank is the "heart and soul" of country music. ... Unfortunately, he was taken from us at the age of 29. He passed away 40 years ago and today he still has thousands of diehard fans. ... I believe that if we, the fans, stick together we can let President Clinton know that we really want this for Hank Williams Sr. I have nominated Hank for this award and informed President Clinton that we, the fans, will flood the "White House" with letters of support for Hank to receive this award.

We need your help to reach the fans!! Please ask your readers to write letters of support to either me and/or to President Clinton at the following addresses: Cathy Malfatti, David Bozeman, P.O. Box 3443, Eureka, CA 95502; President Clinton, The White House, Washington, DC 20500.

Cathy Malfatti

David Bozeman

(address above)