The Predators

Paul Moffett

The Predators are one of the several bands currently stirring up considerable interest around the town. Assembled earlier this year, the group now consists of Jimi V, former lead singer for the defunct Hammerheads, Screamin' John Hawkins, guitarist with Screamin' John and the Dippity Dos, Billy Burke, previously with the Bloomington-based Mere Mortals, and Jeff Crane on bass.

In the beginning, it was a case of "hey, we're just trying to get together four sets of material," from Hawkins. Now, however, the group, which has been working very steadily since its inception, is undergoing a format change from traditional blues to more current material, including tunes from such acts as the Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, and other current radio bands.

"We've decided to quit playing material written in the twenties and thirties and get more current," said Jeff Crane. "Of course, we still do several Jimi Hendrix tunes."

The group has decided to begin climbing the big industry ladder. They're writing material, although they're not playing those tunes out yet.

"We're playing covers to make money and pay the rent," Crane remarked. "We're not into day jobs, we just want to play our instruments," he added.

The writing process is a band activity, with ideas coming from any- and everyone in the group. "(It's) collaboration all the way around," Crane said.

"Everybody's feelin' good about it," Hawkins said. That includes their agent, Gary Duesner of Triangle Talent.

The group continues working a diverse schedule, with upcoming December gigs at the Golden Nugget, Butchertown Pub, the Phoenix Hill Tavern, the Silo Microbrewery and the All Stars Sports Bar.