Mellon Foundation

Recognizes Kentucky Opera

By Henry C. Mayer

Kentucky Opera now not only has new and more spacious office space (101 South Eighth at Main) — watch for news about its Open House! — but, since we last wrote, the prestigious Mellon Foundation of Pittsburgh has awarded Kentucky Opera with a three-year grant of $180,000.

Louisville Music News congratulated General Director Thomson Smillie on this latest recognition of his leadership and then asked what it meant and what it will let Kentucky Opera do.

Here are his comments:

"Kentucky Opera strives constantly to reach out as broadly and deeply as possible into the community, and Mellon support enabling us to present attractive light operas at Christmas with broad popular support is invaluable.

"Only seven out of America's 110 opera companies were selected ... a Mellon grant is regarded in our business as a badge of excellence. Much more important than the money is the recognition that Kentucky Opera is among the brightest and best opera companies in this country."

Louisville Music News has learned that this year's Gilbert & Sullivan production, it is hoped, will be the first in a series of annual Christmastime productions that are to be carefully chosen for their appeal to family audiences.

Bravo, Thomson!