A Real Card . . .

By Jean Metcalfe

I'll trade you Irlene, Louise and Barbara Mandrell for a Johnny Bench and a Bobby Orr. And I'll throw in a Shoji Tabuchi.


With the release of the first edition of "Branson On Stage" Trading Cards, country-music fans can now own 100 different cards featuring 57 different individual entertainers or groups who perform in that hotbed of country-music theaters, Branson, Mo. And there's more: the back of each card has a bio on the performer(s).

Branson not on your travel agenda? Not to worry, the cards will be distributed through national record stores, drugstore chains, convenience stores, major merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, card and gift shops, and will be featured on some of the television/cable Shopping Networks.

How about a Boxcar Willie for a . . .