Corrections & Clarifications

Roy Acuff and Berk Bryant were inadvertently misidentified in the photo caption in our January issue. Roy was on the left, Berk on the right, not vice versa. You probably realized that when you looked at the picture.

Due to printer error, the photos in the advertisements for Anson & the Rockets and The Wendells were transposed. You probably figured this one out as well.

Also due to a printer error, the photo of Garry Tallent, Tim Krekel and Billy Swan in our January issue was flopped, causing Tallent and Swan to be misidentified.

The ad for the George Thorogood show was not up to our high standards (nor to promoter Avram Kahn's, either) due to an oversight at the printer's.

And lastly, due to a clerical error, Bremen was misspelled in the Local Releases listing for Alan Rhody.

We are sorry for any embarrassment or inconvenience. Blame it on the holidays.