Co-op Bulletin Board

(Member Memos)

It's time once again for us to dust off the gently used (one time) bulletin board that we debuted about 13 months ago. It was intended to be a continuing spot in the LASC Letter for members to tack up their messages on but it went over like an open convertible in a cloudburst. So, no bulletins, no bulletin board.

Recently a couple of members have asked me to pass along memos to the Co-op for them. So here goes:

ù Willie Jeffries is interested in doing demo work. As anyone who has been to meetings these last few months can attest, Willie has an excellent voice. Grab him quick! With his talent, he could be on MTV before you can say "Achy Breaky Heart."

ù Becky Bennett O'Toole is also looking for demo work . . . but I've already told you that. See above.

ù If you were at the Jan. 18 meeting you no doubt remember hearing Mike Tilford's excellent vocals on the song he brought along for critique. Give him a call if you'd like a quality demo of your song.

If you'd like to see the Co-op Bulletin Board continue, just send us your memos (or hand them to us at a meeting) and we'll tack 'em up. A post card or a letter would be better than a verbal message to ensure accuracy. Address them to LASC Bulletin Board, P.O. Box 16, Pewee Valley, KY 40056. Deadline is usually around the 20th of the month (or maybe a day or so later) for the upcoming month's edition.

The Bulletin Board is intended for messages from one member to the others and will not replace the chatty "Newsical Notes" kind of items.