Now Appearing: Crazy Innuendo

By Paul Moffett

"We have short hair," said Crazy Innuendo guitarist Kevin Rapp, "and we get a lot of grief about looking like nerds."

Hair length is just one part of a band's image. The group's name is another. Crazy Innuendo got their moniker because Rapp liked the word "innuendo."

"I wanted it to be, like, Sexual Innuendo, but that wouldn't work," he laughed, so the group stuck "Crazy" on the front instead. That was a year and a half ago and the quartet has been gigging under that name since, building a following in and around the Hikes Point/Southeast Louisville area.

Rapp, singer Bobby Biven and drummer Robb Gates have been friends for four or five years and have been playing together most of that time. Bassist Chad Griffey came to the band from Pawn Jumps Queen. The group serves up classic rock and contemporary college rock, ranging from Jerry Lee Lewis to Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

They are working on some original material and have tentative plans to put together a project next summer. In the meantime, they plan to keep on working, making money making music and, as Rapp concurred, HAVE FUN.

He hopes the audiences that come to see them at the Golden Nugget, T. K.'s Pub and the Phoenix Hill Tavern will do likewise.

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