A Helping Video Hand

By Paul Turner

Who said music had to be confined to the stage? Certainly not Lance Abair.

Although Lance has a solid background in performing and is currently playing keyboards and saxophone with the Mark Farner Band (Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad) which, by the way, were in town in July.) And if you caught the show you no doubt saw the smoke rise from Lance's keys and reeds.

He's also out implementing innovative ways to use his music through vehicles other than "live on stage.". In addition to engineering and producing in his studio in Florida, he is a well-established Regional Specialist for KORG USA, Inc. through FreeLance Publishing.

Most recently Lance has released a video on the hot-selling KORG 01/W line of keyboard products. Taking the drudgery out of the traditional printed instruction manual learning method (which is often put on a bypass mode) Lance walks the new instrument owner through all the steps the old method covers, but in a much more palatable and even enjoyable manner.

Dumping, editing, waveshaping, loading, sequences and formatting all become terms the video viewer can understand and relate to. The keyboard's features are also described and demonstrated effectively for ultimate user-friendly playing–along with Lance. Instead of the fear of an electronic malfunction and damage incurred to the instrument, the student learns the capabilities of the keyboard in a positive and upbeat manner.

Lance also takes the opportunity to acquaint the viewer to musical terms such as timbre and scales, as well as the computer terms necessary to the new owner's understanding of the product and its many functions.

As Lance's in his video reiterates, "This is a personal training session where -the material is down-to-earth."

Upon reviewing the video I was impressed as to its effectiveness and comprehensiveness. Lance definitely offers a great alternative to the printed manual that often gets damaged or lost (many times on purpose) or causes only frustrations not enjoyment. He relates player to player throughout.

Now the proud owner of the new KORG keyboard actually can "lose" the printed instructions and not really "lose" a thing. Just don't forget to fill out the warranties. Lance will help.

The video is available at KORG dealers and music stores. Additional info regarding the video is available through FreeLance Publishing, P.O. Box 95-2451, Lake Mary, fl 32746..

FreeLance also has available additional keyboard instructional videos.