Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Jimmy Gardner has a tune on the new Kentucky HeadHunters album. The tune is "The Ghost of Hank Williams" and Gardner shares writing credits with Mark Orr, the new vocalist for the HeadHunters.

David La Duke reports that he has a couple of tunes on another CD compilation. This round, his "Hey There Who Am I?" and "Master of Evil" will be on the Metal Power CD, with distribution in much of Europe. Release date is set for March or April of 1993. Also, "Love My Baby" will be included on the 1993 IMA Compilation Sampler CD.

Speaking of La Duke, I must admit he has devised an unusual way of responding to some truly nasty criticism of a tape of his in a competing (local) music newspaper: he is offering to give away a copy to anyone who wants one. Check out his ad elsewhere in this issue.

Take that, Media Fiend.

•The Nashville Entertainment Association has announced the bands to perform on the 8th Annual Nashville Music Extravaganza. I mention this only because some familiar names are on the list, to wit, The Velcro Pygmies, The Chosen Few and Barbara Carter, formerly with Shaking Family.

Never Give Up Dept. LMN readers might recall the story a while back about the band Easy Money. The group lost most of their equipment in a bar fire up in Indiana. Well, the leader of that group, Mark Winburn, recently bought a piano in a yard sale -- for $15. Now he's ready to get back in the business.

Release Parties Abound Dept. The "Santa is a Bluesman" party at Swanson Cralle was quite an event, according to our Esteemed Editor, who managed to get there. There were lotsa bands and the Louisville Tonight Live show broadcast a segment.

Chaz Rough of Speaking In Tongues said that a release party on November 30 for SIT's new video was also a blast. Rough is one of several Louisville acts who are working mighty hard at cracking the national label nut.

•The Louisville Orchestra is goin' through some changes. Readers of The Courier-Journal already know that conductor Lawrence Leighton Smith will be movin' on at the end of his contract. In the back, Nan Harman, Director of Artistic Administration, will be leaving to take a position with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra of New York.

Tim King recently left the LO to take over as manager of the Louisville Gardens and the Macauley Theatre. Annnd, finally, James W. Palermo, currently the General Manager of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra, will have the title of "Orchestra Manager" for the LO.

For you jazz aficionados who are not in the Louisville Jazz Society, take note that Mike Tracy is the new president of the Society.

The multiple-stage format for clubs seems to be spreading. Coyote's, the city's newest country-music club, is one of a three-room complex, which includes Hurricane O'Malley's and the Rock-It Club. Coyote's occupies the space previously called O'Malley's Garage. The night I was there, Little Texas was providing the music and the crowd was fairly large.

Anyhow, the room has a very large dance floor and a huge dayglo mural on the walls. The mural, painted by Peter Bodnar III, is of western mountain landscapes with (what else?) howling coyotes prominently displayed.

The official Grand Opening was December 11.

•Wanna learn to play klezmer but never knew where to get instructions? Well, your prayers are answered. Elderly Instruments of Lansing, Michigan, which prints and mails a large catalog of their instruments, has moved into the instructional book, video and tape biz. LMN received a catalog that ran to 74 pages of listings of instructional materials, including four different klezmer works. Don't call me, call Elderly Instruments at 517-372-7890.

•Here's a must-see for you: Thursdays in January at Maier's Tavern, the Punishers will be playing. What's that? You never heard of the Punishers? Ho-kay, the line-up is: Jim Wilson, guitar; Jim Baugher, bass; Gary Talbert, drums; Tim Krekel, guitar; Bob Ramsey, keyboards; and Phil Copeland, vocals and harmonica. Remember, you read it here first and quit shovin'.

•"The Union Hall" is back on local cable. Winston Hardy is hosting the public-access program, which has been airing Thursdays at 10:00 p.m., on Channel 22. To date, Hardy has interviewed Chet Atkins, Sam Bush and Marvin Maxwell. Hardy notes that, unfortunately, time and format are subject to change without notice. Check with Storer Cable at 448-7336 in the programming department for up-to-date information.

MERF Elects New Officers

The Musician's Emergency Relief Fund elected new board members and officers at a general meeting of the membership on Sunday, December 6.

Elected as President was Ron Payne, of Ron Payne and Yellowstone. Gary Duesner, Triangle Talent, was elected Vice-President. Kat Bryant will serve as Secretary, while returning as Treasurer is Rocky Adcock, Business Manager of the Musician's Union.

New Board members are Beverly Howell, Jim Rosen and Wayne Young.