Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

What kind of year can we make 1992? Steve Wariner and Exile, from the Kentuckiana area, ended '92 by giving their time performing for "first Steps" (an organization for special kids) on December 8. Not a bad way to finish out the old year, with many into taking instead of giving now days.

I was in Nashville the weekend before and read about the benefit in The Nashvillia and Country Plus, but was unable to sit around two more days and attend. Reading about Exile's Mark Jones' daughter and Joe Diffie's son '(Diffie and others also performed) caused me to think about some of the special kids I've worked with the past eight years. Many things we take for granted are a constant struggle for handicapped kids, yet they can remind us of a world different through their eyes, where the love and giving is unconditional to other.

It's only wishful thinking, but it won truly be a different world if we could harness half of the love these kids have and somehow fill the cold hearts of hate and greed of some so-called "normal" individuals. Nineteen ninety-three would be some kind of year – a very special one.