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A number of folks wrote to us with suggestions about how to improve the Seminar. Thanks to all of you and, while there were too many suggestions to detail here, please know that we will certainly take them into our planning for next year. We have no qualms about grabbing good ideas and using them!

A Contest for LASCers

The "Waste Busters" team at the E. I. Du Pont Nemours & Co. Inc. Louisville Works has announced a songwriting contest. The single prize is $100 for a theme song suitable for the 1993 program featuring the character of "Captain Waste Buster."

The winning song will be used in a video introducing Captain Waste Buster to Du Pont employees. If other videos are made during the year, the song will be used in them as well.

"Captain Waste Buster" is a character modeled loosely after the television cartoon character Captain Planet. Born in the steamy, smoldering trash, illegally dumped, he combats the ignorance, laziness and greed that keeps people from doing the right things with their waste newspapers, cardboard and aluminum cans.

He recognizes and rewards people for following the 3 R's of waste minimization -- reducing, recycling and reusing -- and educates those who do not. When all else fails, he "slimes" evildoers.

The winning song will be bouncy and light and leave listeners with a good feeling about doing the right thing with their recyclable waste materials. Songs should be longer than three to four minutes.

Entries must be recorded on a standard cassette. Entered tapes will not be returned.

The contest is limited to current members of the Louisville Area Songwriters' Cooperative. The deadline for entering is February 8, 1993. Send the tape, with typed lyrics to: I. E. Du Pont Nemours & Co, 4200 Camp Ground Rd., Louisville, KY 40216, Attn: J. D. Miller. Entries may also be dropped off at the guard shack at the plant up to the February 8 deadline.

Members of the Waste Busters team at the Du Pont plant will serve as judges and are ineligible to receive the prize. Du Pont reserves the right to award no prize if a suitable song is not submitted.

Questions about the contest or the Captain Waste Buster character or the introductory video should be addressed to Jonathan Miller, 569-2532, during normal business hours.


FOR SALE: Yamaha Model DD-5 Digital Drums, $25. Features four assignable pads, thirty onboard rhythm patterns, tempo/volume controls, MIDI out. Excellent for songwriting or practice. Call 231-5559 days or 241-1645 evenings.