Seminar Redux

(and Suggestions)

By Paul Moffett

In the last issue of the LASC Letter, reporting on the Hit Makers '92 Seminar and Showcase got rather shortchanged, due to space and time constraints. We now correct that oversight.

Many thanks go out to several folks who helped the Co-op out:

The Showcase

Bruce Logan of Hot Country 103.9, who emceed the Good Time Room Stage and gave us some excellent plugs on the air. Logan and company at 103.9 are energetically supporting the local music scene and performers. Thanks, Bruce, and thanks to WZKS!!

John O'Connor of the Louisville Tonight Live show on WHAS TV. John handled the emcee duties on the main stage flawlessly. Louisville Tonight Live is Louisville's primetime version of Entertainment Tonight. The show frequently features coverage of musical events. Thanks, John, for the help and keep up the good work. (I realized late that evening that after having briefed John on who was playing, I left and never got back to see if he needed anything. Truly a dreadful oversight on my part.)

Kenny Deweese of Far-Out Music. Kenny provided the sound system for the Good Time Room. Thanks, Kenny!!

Marvin Maxwell of Mom's Musician's General Store. Marvin underwrote the drum kit on the Ballroom stage. Thanks, Marvin.

Charlie Walls and his All-Volunteer Road Crew. Charlie and a crew of Co-opers were roadies, grunts and managers for the Showcase and saw to it that everything stayed on schedule. They did a great job and didn't even complain when there were screw-ups. Thanks to Charlie, Tim Lynch, Tom Florian, Tony Cestaro.

Larry Standiford managed the Melody Bar and kept the players on that stage on schedule, which is not an easy task. Thanks, Larry.

Other Showcase help who should be thanked include Mike Layman, Sandra Walls, Ray Yates

The Seminar

The Seminar on Saturday ran well, in spite of the President's worries. Many tunes got played for publishers and A&R reps and some made the big ride back to Nashville. Connections also got made. Such connections are known only to the individuals who made them.

Some thanks:

Our Vice-President, Jean Metcalfe, who took care of lots of things in advance and at the Seminar. Thanks, Jean!!

Sammy Reid and the Kroger Company, who provided the goodies in the hospitality room.

Diana Black, who came up from Florida to attend the Seminar and wound up drafted to help out. Thanks, Diana!!

Beth Moffett, who once again sat at the merchandise booth with the Tee shirts, mug, tapes and other goodies.

Karen Le Van and Ron Allgood for helping out with the workshops.

And, of course, all those panelists who came up and listened to many tunes and commented on them, we extend our thanks and hope you com eback next year!!!!!