Spotlight On: No Excuse

By Paul Moffett

When it comes to playing music, there's No Excuse . . .

How about this: There's No Excuse for good music . . .

Whatever the clever play on the name for this foursome, No Excuse offers none for either their name or their playing. The reason? They've been together for five years, their equipment is paid off and they play as much as they want.

"Get 'em on the dance floor and keep 'em there," says Ratterman. He notes that No Excuse packs in more tunes per set than most bands.

The group started with the trio of Blaine Ratterman on drums and vocals, John Lennon on bass and vocals and Todd O'Daniel, guitar. They have gone through several other players and have lately added Phil Stone on keyboards and guitar. The group plays primarily Seventies rock, with a little dance and country music thrown in for flavoring.

They contended in a band contest at Caddy's earlier this spring, but lost out to Mere Mortals, the ultimate winners of the contest. They delivered a set of classic rock tunes that had the dance floor filled.

None of the group has played with other groups except for Stone, who has played with Sassy, Nouveau and The Chosen Few, and Ratterman, who admits to performing with an unnamed band in Indy.

With a steady following built around their delivery of maximum music and fun to the audience, the band figures to continue doing what they set out to do: play music, have fun and make money.

They have gigs scheduled at the Golden Nugget and the Phoenix Hill Tavern.