Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

I was up in New York City this past weekend with my band Endpoint to play alongside three other bands at an Amnesty International benefit. After the concert I talked with an Atlantic Records representative who asked about all of the Louisville bands. He told me he had bought the Sunspring CD, and that really excited me just the simple fact that so many important people knew about Louisville and most of the bands.

Well, to go back to the norm, Endpoint had another capacity show, playing with Sunspring and Telephone Man. Sunspring walked off the stage due to unruly stage divers.

Enkindel and Erchint are on tour as I write this; I am hoping things are going well. Louisville, Endpoint, Evergreen and The Machine were all mentioned in last month's Details magazine.

Although the Falling Forward 7"has been delayed due to money problems, the covers a full-color gem have come in. Nobel Recordings is taking no risks in making this record beautiful. Pulse is still waiting for its 7"to be pressed; I'm very excited to get it when it comes out.

Rodan, Rodan, Rodan. It seems wherever you go in Louisville you hear about Rodan. A band that puts the work ethic in high gear, good things are happening to these squares, and they deserve it. While talking about Rodan, let's talk about their house mates, Crain. Crain is getting a lot of major indie offers. Hopefully they will get what they want; they have worked hard for it.

Shelter is getting ready to roll into town, so hide your beer and children. No, but honestly, be prepared to see a lot of Hare Krishna merchandise. Who would ever have guessed I'd be friends with Krishnas?

Berg has played its first show. Very "sick of it all" sounding Mosh Core with Excel vocals. The only thing that bothered me about this band was that the guitarist put paper stickers all over his Gibson SG. Oh well, different strokes.

Kiss still won't play a reunion show with Endpoint, but we will keep trying. The Stepdown show was a lot of fun but not very crowded. Falling Forward and Section Eight played very good sets that night. Louisville Sluggers #3 came out, but there is not a lot of all in the age of this disc, mostly over-age bands, but a heckuva record nevertheless. The new Son of Dog is out on Better Days. Slam Dek is doing a hard-core music festival at the Machine on July 9 and 10 with great acts like Codeine, Sunspring, Mouthpiece and Rodan. Tickets will be on sale at the Machine.

Well, that is it for now. This month has been so busy with Guilt and Endpoint that I haven't been able to go to every show this month. If any bands have something new out, or just want to ben mentioned on the all-age circuit column, please get in touch with me. I am always around. Thanks, and have a good summer.