By Ray Yates

July 5 -- Critique Session Bring your song on cassette tape and 15 lyric sheets.

July 13 -- Board Meeting at the home of Ray Yates

July 19 -- Pitch Session

Attendance at the second meeting of the Co-op last month was off somewhat. I attribute this to the nice weather, vacations, etc. However start making plans now to attend the next few meetings.


In the next few meetings there will be important announce­ments regarding the National Song writing contest and the November showcase. Don't be tempted to think that you have a lot of time but the August 31st contest deadline is just around the corner. The board of directors is already deep into the planning stages for the November showcase.


The LASC would like to welcome Its newest members Eli Wolf, John Caudill and Louie Cate.

Songs were critique last month by the following writers; Barbara Allender, Jack Schupp, Joe Forgacs, Michael Layman, Dan Bowman, Greg Wilson, Mark Spence, Dave Bowling, Ray Yates, Tony Cestaro, Jonathan Miller, Mark Gibbs Ed O'Connor, Roz Reynolds, and Earl Meyers.

Keep up the good work everyone.

If you're having a problem with the structural of a song and would like to see what it would look like charted, talk to me after the next meeting and time permitting I'll be happy to write out a chart for you. There's much to learn from analyzing a song in this way.

Any one interested in joining the LASC or wanting more information can call me at 502-969-1326, and I will be glad to answer any questions and forward a membership application.