The World

The Bloomington-based band The World would not win any contest for originality of name. Not that it matters, according to Brad Cates, lead vocalist.

Cates, the primary mover in the band, explained that The World is a band that covers all kinds of music in its own style, which he explained is a "really weird hybrid of rock, funk, reggae and jazz."

"Stellar musicianship" is how Cates summed up the band, noting that the group plays a lot of really challenging music.

The World

"It's not your average club band," he said.

The group began in Bloomington in the summer of 1989, when Cates, drummer Paul Surowiak and bassist Danny Kiely got together. The rest of the group, including David Barrickman, saxophonist Mauriece Hamilton and guitarist Mark Hamilton, have been a part since January of 1993.

They cover funk and R&B classics like "Knock on Wood," Steely Dan tunes, Sting tunes and world beat music, all combined with jazz idioms. The members have aspirations to write and record and are currently in the "writing process." Any recording would likely be under a different name because of a New York band with a similar name.

Part of the group is based in Louisville and part in Bloomington, with the result that almost every gig is a "road gig" for some members. They have established a solid following in the Louisville scene, playing the Phoenix Hill Tavern regularly. In July, they will be playing at the Golden Nugget.