Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

Okay, for this month's issue I think I will do a sort of spotlight on new and up-and-coming bands that I have seen in the local all-age circuit. I will start by talking about Labled, a young group that seems to be gaining credibility. With only a few shows tucked under their belts, Labled has released a demo produced by Herb from Erchint, a hard-core sound with what sounds like a heavy Undermine influence. Speaking of bands on Self Destruct, Plunge is planning to release a seven-inch on the label. These poor guys have been around for over a year and only have a few shows to show for it.

Let's hope that after the release of the record they will be asked to play more often. Hellbent is going to DSL to record a demo DSL seems to be the place to go this year. With low prices and a good producer Mike Baker all of the all-age bands are going there to record. Pulse, a heavily underrated band, has a record out and it seems that people are finally paying more attention to the two-piece outfit. Section 8 seems to be hiding out; I haven't seen them play in quite some time. IDC played a reunion, to follow up their three-show short history.

The all-age scene is so different from the bar scene. For example, if Hula Hoop played The Machine, not many kids would tum out; the same thing would happen if Endpoint played a Tewligans over-age show. Each band is very popular in its own scene but needs support in the other scene. I wish there was a way to link the two so that local bands could reach the true potential of local support they so rightly deserve.

But I think the editors want me to write a local report rather than an opinion page.

Scab has been rolling into town recently; the crowds seem to like their god-of-thunder rock 'n' roll a lot.

There was a misprint in the last issue and it read that Erchint and Enkindel played with Big Wheel in front of a sold-out crowd. The true lineup was Zero Boys, Big Wheel and then Endpoint. Sorry about the typing error. Endpoint and Sunspring are playing a show at The Machine on June 4. Step Down is playing a reunion on June 11. Evergreen played a show in front of Island Records; we are all crossing our fingers on that. Who knows, maybe they will be as big as Pearl Jam? Bush League has a show at The Machine on May 22. Shut Out added B. J., best known for his crazy behavior at shows, to sing for them. As for Jerret, I don't know if he will start a new band or not.

Guilt has played a few shows lately a totally cynical stage show. Speaking. Of Guilt, at the Avail show with Guilt, I passed out a magazine that I did with Dave Cook and Derrik Snodgrass; that talked about all of the violence that has been occurring at the all-age shows lately and a lot of people got angry. I will have to say, with all of the great bands and great people involved in the allage scene, it is a shame that all of the violence that has occurred lately has given the all-age scene in Louisville a bad name.

Thanks for your ears.