Drunk Monkey at Phoenix Hill April 18

By Pete Strojny

Drunk Monkey. What else can be said to describe the level of intensity and madness on the stage when the band started to jam, celebrating their first CD release, Black Flowers.

The line-up of this local band featured Scot Miles on vocals, P. "Funk" Richards on lead, Rick Foley on the low end of this go-for-broke, mad-as-hell sound and Sean Mullins on drums.

P-Funk gets some 'help' from a fan. Photo by Pete Strojny

Many tumed out for this Sunday night bash at Phoenix Hill's MTV Night Out. With the opening chord, the mosh pit in front of the stage started to boil, with fans jumping on the stage, grabbing at the band, plucking at their guitars and helping Drunk Money to stay that way by supplying plenty of beer.

The band featured most of their new songs from the CD. The ones that stood out and got the crowd rocking were "Revolutionary," a kicking song that sounded even better live, "Black Flowers," "Solution" and everybody's main pick, "Voodoo Doll."

The guys rendition of "THC" got the crowd rocking and the folks at the pit even rowdier. P Funk's fret work was tight and calculated. He cites Hendrix as his inspiration, which became evident with the now famous "playing of the axe behind your head and picking at the strings with your teeth" routine. Scot's strong vocals and stage-consuming style are enough to make you sweat just watching. Rick and Sean laid a strong foundation to the heavy trash metal / grunge sound.

The band's free-for-all format was reminiscent of some '70s shows when Iggy Pop and the Sex Pistols were kicking out the jams and at one point Rick lost his shorts; but no problem, he played on with "nothing is going to stop me" enthusiasm. Overall, the menu was a satisfying piece of a meal to the hungry headbangers attending this blow-out of a show.

Groovezilla opened the show with their War-meets-Metallica funk and metal sound. This five-member band from Lexington belted out some good originals from their CD Search for Neverland: "Blind Eye," "Negative Posse," "Zilla Groove" and a medley which began with "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," which had that G-Zilla heavy funk.

It was another good "local bands night." on the Hill.