Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

"This is the college of songwriting" says super songwriter Pat Alger, two-time ASCAP songwriter of the year, who wrote "Unanswered prayers" and many other hits.

Alger's talk to the 470 participants at the Nashville Songwriters Association International Spring Symposium '93 on March 17 was one of many treats available at a songwriting event that continues to improve each year.

The music industry unfolds before your eyes: the writing of the song, publishing, demoing, pitching, the artist, production, the video, the dance, recording, releasing, radio airplay and reaping the benefits. More than 60 business professionals, from songwriters to music and record company representatives, were giving back to the industry that has been good to them.

Wally Stewart and Gardner Barger, from the Louisville Workshop, also attended the Songwriters Showcase on Friday evening. Gardner stayed on with me Saturday and Sunday morning for the rest of the program.

I once heard Woody Bomar, of Little Big Town Music, say, "Successful songwriters were sitting where you're sitting today." He was answering a question, trying to give someone a better perspective of the music business, explaining that there is a learning process that must take place.

Something Gardner, Wally and I are thinking can happen: go to this great college long enough and we may eventually write a song right. Then, who knows, maybe we'll have a hit and graduate.