Musical Chairs

l. Mary Frances Penick is the actual name of what following Kentucky-born country music singer:

A. Loretta Lynn

B. Skeeter Davis

C. Crystal Gayle


2. In 1947, Tennessee Ernie Ford made 'Sixteen Tons," a No.1 hit. "Sixteen Tons" was written by a native of Rosewood, Kentucky. Give his name:

Answer: ___________________

3.What Kentucky singer and actress appeared in the following movies: "Red Garters,""Here Come the Girls," "White Christmas," and "Deep In My Heart"?

Answer: ____________________

4. Had Mozart been born in 1948 instead of 1756, would he now be in the music business?

Yes ____

No ____

Don't care ____

5. If President Bill Clinton had not learned to play the saxophone, would he have been elected President?

Yes ____

No ____

Don't care ____

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Copyright 1993: Stephen P. Imhoff