Recording Reviews

By Steve Estes

Shawl (Reunion)
Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain comes to claim ground they were only asking for in 1992 with their Whirlpool EP. This release is more aggressive, with a much more progressive sound than the EP.

Shawl comes out of the gate heavy with "Crawl" and keeps the adrenalin pumpin' all the way through. If you love groove-laden alternative music, you're gonna be in paradise when you get your hands on this one.

My personal favorites are "Never Enough," "Big Wheel" and "Pure," Don't miss your chance to put on this "Shawl."

Pullin' No Punches (Star Song)

Is it rap? Is it hip-hop?

It's both.

Another stellar performance from these hipsters has been captured on tape again. It's a little bit swing, a little more house and a bit more rock-n-soul.

This disc features more vocalizing and a few more surprises, one of which includes a cameo appearance from Bride on a remake of the Argent tune "God Gave Rock-n-Roll to You." This album is smooth, funky and pleasing to the soul.

Don't forget that D.O.C. will be appearing with Bride and the Newsboys at Covenant '93 on June 26 at Aldersgate UMC.

Plays, Dreams and Imitations (etcetera records)
The Wayside

This is the first release for Wayside, who hail from Wheaton, Illinois. With 16 tracks and over 50 minutes long, this disc is well worth the money. The tunes are reminiscent of '70s meet alternative with a twist fusion.

Some are very alternative, some very '70s— you get the gist.

At first listen this disc didn't appeal to me, but as time went on I fell into the groove and the album had its place in my heart (those are the best kind). Standout cuts are "In My Dreams," "Hideaway," "Circus World," "One Raindrop" and "I Cry in My Sleep."