The Prez

By Paul Moffett

After my rant and rave last month, I got this letter from Virginia:

Dear Paul:

I read you article in the February edition entitled "The Prez Rants...." Don't feel alone. All organizations have those who participate only occasionally and whine regularly. Then there are those who want the organization to do all the work for them, all for the minimal dues payment that barely covers the postage on mailing them the newsletter. You may have noticed a few similar articles in our newsletter. I have found (and time has born witness to it) that in most, if not all, organizations . . . there is a nucleus of a few who do all the work and the general membership who sit on their hands and comment. We have to consider their comments and suggestions but, as a wise old friend of mine once put it, "They know not because they do not."

I think participation is the key. As you pointed out, "you get out as much as you put in." As the group gets larger, the individual has to do more and more for him/herself.

You and the board run a first class operation. I applaud your work and your fine songwriters' group. Keep up the good work.Sincerely,

Cham Laughlin, Coordinator

Virginia Organization of

Composers and Lyricists

Dear Cham:

Thanks fer them kind words, pardner. Truth to tell, I know all that, but every now and then my pique gets the better of my judgment and I get to raving about. As David Steinberg's psychiatrist character used to say to Tommy Smothers, "That was for me, not you."

At least that rave got a couple of responses. EJ, a songwriter/attorney from the mumble mumble Songwriters Association not only sent me a note but included a great tape of outtakes, mistakes and rough demos from the Beatles. (He claims he knows nothing about any tape, and as a diehard Republican attorney, will stonewall any attempt to pin it on him.) I liked it. It cheered me up to hear great songwriters struggle.