Recording Review

Crimson and Blue (Myrrh)
Phil Keaggy

By Steve Estes

There was in times past a little man who came to town wielding a big guitar and he became a legend in his own time. Many men tried to do what he did but no one could touch him.

If you haven't guessed by now, Phil Keaggy is back with a bigger guitar than ever and there's not one bad lick in the bunch.

Keaggy goes back to his past with Crimson and Blue, with a sound reminiscent of the Emerging album and The Master and the Musician.

Thirteen tracks grace this disc, with over 70 minutes of excellent guitar music. All the tracks are high quality; no dogs here. My pick tracks are "Reunion of Friends," "Don't Pass Me By," "John the Revelator" and "Doin' Nothin'."

This is the comeback disc of the year in my opinion. Do not pass it by.