Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

I overheard a woman at an over-age show talking about how nice it was that the kids had a place to go, hang out and meet the opposite sex and how cute places like The Machine are. This really got me thinking. With people thinking like this it is no wonder that the all-age music scene never receives the credit it deserves. It also made me wonder exactly how many people think like this. The idea of an all-age concert is to allow all ages to come and enjoy the music, considering music has no age limits. That basically means that a five-year-old or a ninety-five-year-old could come and enjoy a band like Fugazi.

Well, with all this aside, I should cut right to the meat of my menu and talk about the all-age music scene. There is nothing more upsetting than canceled shows and it seems that lately Louisville has been experiencing this a little too often. When asked, Kecia from The Machine said that two of her shows (Ween and Fugazi) were canceled because the local booking agent involved was promising more than could be delivered. But the Machine people are working hard on keeping a promise to get Fugazi.

Shows in the past month have gone over quite well. Shovel played a reunion show and covered the crowd with fake blood; in the process they got banned from The Machine. Enkindel and Erchint had a very successful show, Enkindel adding Lee Fetzer. Also on that bill were Big Wheel and The Zero Boys. Over 1,100 people were admitted through the doors and many more were turned away due to fire-code regulations.

Endpoint added a new rhythm section which proved to be successful in Boston and New Jersey on April l5 and 16. Sancred and Lather are doing a split record on an independent label. Local disco revivalist Evergreen is planning to release a CD, but will be recording with a new singer. It turns out that Dave is leaving for artistic reasons and will be replaced by Sean from Undermine. But Dave will be singing at two final shows, April 25 with Rodan at Tewligans and May 29 at The Machine.

Concrete is planning to record for a seven-inch this summer and also plan on touring. Sunspring is doing two tours this summer, one in June and one in August. Guilt is gaining popularity on a national level due to the release of their new record, Empty. They plan to release their new twelve-inch in midsummer.

Well, I guess that about wraps it up for the all-age headlines for April. I hope that next month I can write some more news about a lot more local bands.