By Paul Moffett

LMNOP's leader, Jimmy Lenz, goes back quite a few years in the local music scene, to a band called Gypsy Dave's Sideshow. Lenz always had the task of announcing that Gypsy Dave wouldn't show up for the gig.

Gypsy long ago gave up his non-appearances. Lenz has not. Together with drummer Brent Bosler, bass player Robin Embry, keyboardist Geoff Gittli and David Singleton, lead guitar and saxophone player, the sideshow atmosphere continues with one of Louisville's premier alphabet bands, LMNOP.

The group has been together for five years. They define their music as original and classic rock. Robin Embry, who has been writing for some years, supplies their original material.

The group's cassette LMNOP: Nothing Like Holding Someone, is crammed with Embry tunes. Lenz has taken to trying his hand at writing, with at least one tune in the repertoire. The group has been known to listen to outside material, however and occasionally adds unpublished tunes to their playlist.

The band works every other weekend. Embry described it as essentially a "good time band."

"We are always willing for young women to dance naked on the tables," he said, tongue firmly planted in his cheek.

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