By Ray Yates

The LASC welcomes back along time member, Ray Major. Ray originally joined in May 1987 but has not been active with the LASC for about a year. He sings and plays the banjo, harmonica, bass fiddle and guitar. The idea of an LASC band has been kicked around for some time and Ray has expressed an interest in getting one organized. If you are interested, please give him a call at 812-967-2174.

Last month, songs were presented for critique by Mark Gibbs, Mark Spence, James Anderson, Paul Moffett, Jonathan Miller, Mike Layman, Tom Florian, Earl Meyers and Rozlyn and Vince Reynolds.

At the second meeting of the LASC, about a dozen members were on hand for the MlDI Workshop. I hopethat I didn't get too technical in my presentation and that everyone learned something.


A few years ago the LASC recorded several tapes of songs by members. Many people contributed to the success of those projects; however, there were a few accounts on the books that remained unresolved. The following members have contributed the balance of their accounts to the organization; Sammy Reid, Larry Easton, Bruce Rinehart and Hedy Hilburn. Your longtime support is appreciated very much .

Anyone interested in joining the LASC or wanting more information about the organization can call me at 502-9691326 and I will be glad to answer any questions and forward a membership application.