The Prez' Spot

By Paul Moffett

Learn the music business!

Make valuable connections in the entertainment industry!

Get hands-on experience running music shows, plugging songs, making demos and other important music industry skills!

Most of the time, a series of statements like that will be followed by a message urging you to call a toll-free number and hear a pitch about some sort of commercial college, university or study-at-home course.

Sooner or later, they would mention the cost of getting all this fine training. Tuition assistance (a loan) is provided if you don't happen to have the thousands needed — with a little interest added on, of course.

After you finished, the school's Placement Unit would help get you a job as a receptionist or tape copier somewhere, at which time you start the "networking" that's so important.


Guess what.

You can get a major start on all those skills and networking just by getting involved in the LASC's activities.

And it costs a whole lot less.

Want to get some "ear tuning" experience? Hearing the demos the publishers hear can really help you improve your own. We need LASC members to help with the contest. Call Ray Yates at 502-969-1361. He's organizing groups to listen.

Are you excited by the buzz backstage? Be there in November by volunteering to be in the crew. Call me at 502-231-5559.

Do you want to perform? Jonathan Miller and Tim Lynch are working on showcases even now and they need your help. Call Jonathan or Tim. Oh, yes, you will have to help out a little if you want to be on the stage. This is a co-operative, after all.

Do you like to tell all your friends the news about exciting stuff? Learn all about PR and publicity in the LASC. You will need a computer and printer for this job.

Call me.

Do you enjoy planning an event? We need this set of skills more than anything.

Call me.

Can you write? Prose, I mean, not lyrics. The newsletter needs writers and I can assure you that you will learn a great deal about the newsletter business, if it's of interest to you. Call Mike Layman.

There's lots more, but I won't go on.

Opportunities exist all around us, but seeing that opportunity sometimes takes a different set of eyes, a "non-normal" way oi looking. The Co-op offers an enormous number of opportunities for the aspiring writer.

Woody Allen said that '90 percent of lite is showing up." The same thing is true of opportunity. You gotta be there when it knocks.

Call. Come around.

Show up it you want to get ahead.