Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

Not much has happened in Louisville this month, mainly because of the lack of all-ages shows. But the biggest would have to have been the Rant. This four-day extravaganza hosted enough bands, poets and visual artists to make any human sick. I know I had trouble getting to my classes on Monday due to pure exhaustion.

The first night was led by Cherub Scourge, the second by Telephone Man (a.k.a. to the politically correct as Telephone Person) and Enkindel. Saturday night was led by Evergreen, Poster Children, LG&E, Slo Pok, Eleven-11 and Endpoint. On Sunday, Crain and Rodan rocked the dome.

Rodan had added Kevin Coltis on drums, which made their set all the more enjoyable. Eleven-ll debuted on Saturday with a unique sound that took the best elements of grunge, folk and punk and crammed them together. I will say that the highlight for me, besides Ron Whitehead's pep speeches, was playing the Malignant Growth cover with Brett Ralph singing. I never thought I could be so honored as to rock out on the same stage as the man who wrote the lyrics to the songs I grew up to.

Besides all of the Ranting that was going on, Louisville continued to move forward musically. A new tape company is doing a compilation of local bands doing Misfits covers that should be really cool to hear.

Scott from Slam Dek put out a Louisville scene calendar, which is incredible. This booklet leads you through the time frame of the Louisville scene.

Endpoint will release a single from their upcoming record Aftertaste. The single will contain "Circumvent," from the record and "26 Seconds," which will only be found on the B side of the single.

I hear rumors that Slint has reformed; I wonder if this is a dream come true or a nightmare. I hope the outfit continues to write beautiful songs. And I also wonder if they will play "Who Here Likes Brownies."

The new band called Blank has been training a new drummer; I am anxious to see how that will turn out.

Well, that is about it for this month. I rarely hear about new bands these days, so if you are in a band and want to be written about, please send your band information to: Duncan Barlow, P. O. Box 5159, Louisville, Ky. 40255-0159. I can't guarantee that I will use everything I receive, but it's worth a try. Thanks and be good.