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Godbox (for the Moment)

By Paul Moffett

When Brad Cates began to assemble a new band following the breakup of the World, the name Godbox seemed to fit the bill, and, he thought, was certainly unique.

After the band was rehearsed and gigs booked, he found out that a Chicago band was already using the name and had publicity out.

Back to the drawing board.

For the moment, however, Godbox is the name of the group and will be until they pick something else.

The band's personnel are: Cates, guitar and vocals; North Texas player Kent Klee, drums; Tim Beeler, a bassist from Ft. Wayne; Mark Hamilton, guitarist from the World.

The group was assembled during July and August, and their first date was Friday, August 13, in Ft. Wayne.

"An auspicious date" to start, laughed Cates.

Godbox is playing mostly covers, with seven or eight original tunes in their current rotation. They are not, Cate emphasized, playing material from the World's repertoire.

The group likes progressive music: pop and funk, rock and reggae, with Third world influences especially in evidence. Their cover material ranges between the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, the Police and Sting, Pearl Jam and Elvis Costello. The new songs they're writing draw influences from heavy-sounding funk-oriented to dreamy progressive art rock a la Peter Gabriel.

The band is just trying to satisfy audiences and make people happy, said Cates. They want to establish a following and then slip in original material.

"I can't say enough about the musicianship. They're all fine, fine players," said Brad Cates.

Godbox will be appearing at the Golden Nugget on November 11 through 13.

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