By Ray Yates

If you've been thinking about getting more involved in the LASC, now is the time to do it! There are many jobs involved in putting on these events. The LASC needs your help. Please attend as many of the following meetings and events as you can. The coop needs and depends on YOU.

November 1 -- Critique Session. Bring your songs (1) per tape and 15 lyric sheets. Attend the Special Board Meeting, held after the regular session, to complete the details of the Showcase and Seminar. Volunteers, to help run many of the upcoming events, are needed.

November 5 -- Hit Makers 93 at Jim Porters Good Time Emporium and Phoenix Hill Tavern.

November 6 -- Song Writing Seminar and Awards Banquet at the Holiday Inn Downtown.

November 15 -- Election Day. General election of new board members. Earlier this year the board voted to hold elections in November, before the holidays, so that the new board will be ready to start planning 1994 events at the first board meeting in January. There will be at least four seats on the board to be filled this year. This is your chance to make a difference in the Louisville Music Community.

November 16 -- Board Meeting at the home of Tim Lynch. This will be the final meeting of the 1993 board and the turning over of the reins to the new board members.

December 6 -- Critique Session. This will be the last meeting of 1993

Mark Your Calender NOW!

Don't wait! Don't do it in the morning! Don't walk, run..., do it NOW so that you don't miss any of the importance events happening in November. This is the busiest time of year for your board members and a time of great opportunity for the members of the regions best song writing community. So get busy and mark you calendar. You won't want to miss any of these important meetings.

Any one interested in joining the LASC or wanting more information can call me at 502-239-9200, and I will be glad to answer any questions and forward a membership application.