Star Quality Coaching

By Ray Yates

When you walk on stage does your performance sparkle like the star you know you are or does your performance, like a soon to be forgotten late night talk show host, have canceled written all over it. Maybe what you need is a coach.

Dancers have coaches, Athletes have coaches, Singers have coaches, and even Rock stars have coaches. I just have one question; why don't YOU have a coach? Probably because you never thought of it and if you did you didn't know where to look. If you've tried the Yellow pages, between Clutches and Coal Brokers, then you found Zip.

If you were at the October 18 LASC meeting then you would know that there is professional help available. Jeanette Kays and Ann Hodapp have joined forces to form STARTECH. A coaching service for Entertainers, Singers, Public Speakers, Pageant Entrants and anyone who has to speak to or perform for the public.

Ms. Kays and Ms. Hodapp spoke before the meeting about the benefits to any performer to have honest professional comments about your presentation, look, and performance. Ms. Hodapp explained that they try to teach their students that it's called "Show Business not Show Art" and that it is necessary to have a well thought out package to compete and succeed on a national level. "When you hit the wall, we make you go a little beyond it," said Ms. Kays. "Your friends tell you you're great; your coach tells you were you need to work."

If you would like more information on their service you can call Jeanette Kays at 502-459-0204 or Ann Hodapp at 502-473-0780.