Letters to the Editor

Musician seeks kin with skin disorder

I was (I am still) a songwriter-singer musician ... in the '60s. I was tormented and persecuted because of my two colors of skin [called piebaldism and ... partial albinism] I have not performed on stage in front of a live audience since the '60s even though I have written about 100 songs ... I was even labeled mentally ill because the stress literally made me sick. Some people persecuted me because of the hatred in their hearts, while others repeated slander due to ignorance. I have forgiven those who persecuted me.

My grandmother's name was Susan Emma White. I was told that the birth marks are inherited from the White family. I need to trace these birthmarks back through generations to prove this theory.

Print my mailing address so that the Whites born with the marks can write to me.

Jack Darrell Spurling

3234 Taylor Blvd.

Louisville, KY 40215-2604

(The above are excerpts from two letters received from Mr. Spurling. – Editor.)