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Blooming Idiots (Nonchalant)

By Cary Stemle

Here's one that's been laying around the old review pile for a while now, but deserves a mention.

On Blooming Idiots, a six-song EP, this Lexington band hits upon an interesting sound, which, while simple to describe on the surface, is harder to capsulize after closer listening.

Loud guitars burst forth immediately, but they're embellished by a punchy rhythm section and buoyed by the band's adept mixing of rhythm and tempo.

At times the band recalls Joe Walsh at his most ethereal; at others it embraces a Hendrixian firestorm. There's a hint of reggae sensibilities, but offered with more emphatic power-guitar riffs.

Make no mistake, this is a guitar album. But guitarist John Nudd's playing is clear and concise and he conjures so many interesting tones to complement his patient melodicism that it seems more. And the aforementioned rhythm section, bassist Blake Cox and drummer Mike Joyner, achieves a synergy that makes this four- piece sound much larger.