Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

• Fans of LMNOP will have to shift their allegiance – the band is defunct. Jimmy Lenz' new group is called the Jimmy Lenz Gang. New members include Wayne Holsclaw, who has worked with Lenz before and Mark Arnold. The group is now an acoustic trio.

Dick Sisto and Tyrone Wheeler have gotten together and formed a duo. They will be playing evenings at the Old Seelbach Bar. This means that Tyrone is back in town, by the way. Call the Seelbach for more information.

Lefty and the Sneakers have made some personnel changes. Guitarist Bobby Cundiff and drummer Bill Mercer have joined up. You can see the new and improved version at the Rudyard on October 15.

Melanie Roesser called up with news of some changes in a couple of bands. The Bash is comprised of Regan Calhoun from Nobody Knowz; Dave Hensen, formerly with the Blitz Kidz; Ronnie Morrow on drums, Tim Giarden from Starving Dogs on guitar and Dave Frazier. Thunder Tribe is Dave Barker, Wayne Carver, Brad Dillman and Alan Greeman. And if I didn't get that right, and I probably didn't, since sometimes I can't read my own handwriting, call me and I'll correct it next time.

Aerosmith fans who also like comics will be thrilled to know that issue #19 of Shadowman features a guest "appearance" by Aerosmith. Go see Mark Steiner at The Great Escape for details.

Can You Say Album Release Party? Dept. The Lexington-based band 10 Foot Pole is having an album release party cum rant at Tewligans on Saturday, October 2, to celebrate and sell copies of their new Wrocklage Records CD, Fuel To Keep Us Cool. They requested help in promoting the show and selling the CD, which will be available at the show and in area records stores (probably ear X-tacy). There you go, Billy.

• Speaking of albums, the jazz group Walker and Kays are heading for Los Angeles in early October to cut their third album. Engineering will be Steve Mitchell, who has handled similar chores for Barbra Streisand and George Harrison. M&M Limited is producing. Release date is set for December 26. The event will be at the KCA. The album will commemorate twenty years of Walker and Keys.

David La Duke's Sinbad Records is set to release "The American Rockers, The Hard Side of Rock," featuring Phil Naro, Bird of Prey, Count Viglione, featuring Joe Pet, and, of course, David La Duke. Release is set for sometime in Nov./Dec. '93.

Billy Hardison and David Grunieson called to inform LMN and our readers that they gave thirty days notice before severing their relationship with Tewligans. They were not "pruned off," as Elaine Ford wrote in her last column. There's your retraction, gents, and I hope you'll return our phone calls now that you know our number.

• The Kenny Aronoff drum clinic that was set for September 28 has been rescheduled for November 11. Aronoff picked up a conflicting gig on the Arsenio Hall Show. I guess we'll forgive him.

• The Stadium Club, out at 4028 S. Third formerly Johnny Mack's/Blinkers has new management. A grand re-opening is set for October 20. Wayne Young is the new entertainment director and is playing with Wayne Young and Friends, plus Hot Karma featuring Willie Jeffries, formerly with Contagious.

Who Said Folk Music is Dead? Dept. Folk singer Bob Rosenthal got a standing O at a Labor Day Rally in Evansville. Present were 17,000 people, including UMW President Richard Trumpka.

•.Learning Yer Music Business Chops Dept. Okay, you play wonderfully well and write fabulous songs but you don't know the difference between mechanicals and performance royalties and you still think that every agent smokes giant stogies and rips off working musicians for fun. Straighten out your misinformation at a seminar that WAMZ and Coyote's is sponsoring on Sunday, October 3. Talent agent and manager Jim Halsey of the Jim Halsey Company will present a two hour seminar on all manner of music biz stuff. Call Coyote's at 589-FUNN for more information. If you belong to the Musician's Union or the Louisville Area Songwriters' Cooperative, you can get in for $25. Otherwise, it's $30. Tickets are available at Coyote's and Music Warehouse.

Mo Chops, Momma, Dept. Turley Richards and Heads Up will be doing a Songwriters' workshop on Saturday, Oct. 9, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The workshop costs $20 in advance, $25 day of event. Call 812-949-3118 for registration and information.

Still Mo Chops Dept. The Louisville Area Songwriters' Cooperative will be staging their Seventh Annual Songwriting Seminar, Band Showcase and Contest Award Banquet on November 5 & 6. This will be your chance to meet music publishers, hit songwriters, record company A&R executives and performing rights organizations' reps face to face. You could hand them a tape, yeah! Call 502-231-5559 for information.

• WAMZ is happy to annouce that the station has been nominated for an SRO Award for their support of live entertainment. The awards will be presented on October 1 at SRO '93, the Country Music Association's annual entertainment expo.

WAMZ also would like you to know that Coyote Calhoun has been named Billboard Magazine Air Personality of the Year and Program Director of the Year. That's the sixth and fourth time, respectively.

• Kentucky now has a Traditional Music Association, based in Cave City, Kentucky. If you like traditional (country) music, this is for you. Write them at T.M.A., POB 800, Cave City, KY 42127 or call 502-773-3789.

And While We're On the Subject . . World Corporation has announced the purchase of 27.8 acres in Cave City, upon which they plan to build "Heartland, Kentucky, U.S.A," a combination country music show, shopping mall, mini-golf, cafe, museum, and the World's Largest Jukebox. Sounds like it will fit perfectly into the existing environment.

• The Kentucky Opera Annual Book Sae will be held Oct. 13-16 in the lobby of the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

• LMN's photographer Letha Marshall had nine (!) of her photos of Reba McIntire published in a recent issue of Reba's fan newsletter. Of course, the best pictures Letha takes are of Reba, but still -- congratulations!!

• Letha also told us that Marty Brown had married his long-time girlfriend recently. We'll check up on that and let you know more, later.

• MERF's annual community show is in the works. This year, the event will be held on Sunday, November 21, with shows at several venues around town. The plan is to have upwards of seventy acts on twelve (or more) stages. Musicians interested in performing (and you all should be, yessir) should call Beverly Howell 1-845-2345. Soon.

• For those of you who like organ music, Thomas Murray will present a free recitial on the historic 1894 Farrand and Votey pipe organ at St. Martin of Tours Church, 639 S. Shelby St., on Tuesday, October 19, at 8 p.m. For more information, call 451-6616. The recitial is sponsored by the Louisville Chapter of the American Guild of Organists and the Miller Pipe Organ Company, which renoved the St. Martin's instrument.

• The Zion Baptist Church at 22nd and Muhammad Ali Blvd. is looking for singers for their presentation of Handel's Messiah, Part I, which is scheduled to be performed at the church on December 12. Assisting in the performance will be Tim Baker on organ, plus members of the Louisville Orchestra. Rehearsals will be held on Friday evenings at 7:15.

For more information, call 775-6406 or 776-5881.

• You may now add another coffeehouse to the ever-increasing list of such places. The CoffeeStop is located in the Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church, 1722 Bardstown Road. Their event happens on the third Sunday evening of each month, which should make the next one October 17, 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. The cover is $1, which goes to the Highlands Community Ministries Individual and Family Assistance Program. Want more info? Call 451-8305.

• Do you live within 400 miles of Nashville? Hot dang, that makes you a regional act and you can be one of the "lovely and talented" bands on the 9th annual Nashville Music Extravaganza, scheduled for January 20 – 22, 1994. Call 615-327-4308 and they'll tell you as much as you want to know about it.

Not to Be Outdone Dept. Continuing in the same vein, the Music City Co-op, Inc. is sponsoring a Music City Talent Search, running through November 10, 1993. They're looking for amateur country music singers and performers. Wanna know mo'? Call 615-885-1333.

• WFPL FM 89 has reinstated the Jazz Information Line. Call 329-0983 anytime night or day and get that jazz club entertainment and upcoming concerts.

• The Cousin Annie Belle and Irvin Show with Tommy Jones on cable Channel 10 has been moved to Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.