Grandpa's Magic Pinecone and Mirror Image on the September Showcase

By Tim Lynch

Well, you missed a great showcase on Saturday night, September 4, if you weren't at the Rudyard Kipling. It was alternative rock, straight in your face. Two local bands, Mirror Image and Grandpa's Magic Pinecone made their presence known. It was definitely a change of pace for the LASC Showcase, but a welcome one.

The members of the Showcase committee were a little bit concerned that the volume would be just a bit much, but thanks to the talented hands and ears of soundman Ray Yates, and little give and take from the bands, a happy medium was reached. Later in the evening, when Rudyard owner Ken Pyle was asked about the sound level, he responded "Sounds fine, we've been jammin' back here."

Emcee Jonathan Miller said, "I have to admit that at first, I had a bad attitude about this but after talking to the band members and hearing them warm up, I'm ready to hear some good original music."

And good it was. First up was Grandpa's Magic Pinecone. Lead vocalist Jason Harris had the crowd's attention, pacing the stage and "venting the rage," while guitarist Jason Coe shoved and wrestled his guitar to sounds of "Potato Skins," a song about the band's dislike of Nazi skinheads and their philosophy.

Bassist Mike Seymour and drummer Scott Sale kept the rhythm solid, providing a constant flow of energy for the tunes. They reeled off a stream of original songs, including "Chains of Hate," "Burn the Bitch," "Love Turned Black," Friend Or Foe," "Fear," and "How I Feel."

Harris said "I've never hit anybody and no one has hit me. I let out all my rage and frustrations on stage."

I have to admit that after meeting and talking to these guys before show time, their on- and off-stage personas are totally different. Mike Seymour told the crowd, "We're just normal guys. I work at Target."

Next up was Mirror Image. Their style was a little less aggressive than their buddies, the Pinecones, but every bit as intense and captivating.

Lead singer Chris Nabb puts a lot of feeling and emotion in his delivery of such songs as "Triangle," a song about the friendship bonds between members of the band. Lead guitarist Chad Lilly keeps the melody eerie, but soothing, along with second guitarist Ken Kelly. The two guitarists trade lead and rhythm chores.

Bassist Shawn Taylor and drummer Matt Osbourne work together to complete the Mirror Image sound for such tunes as "Sunshine Garden Girl," " Baby's Gone," "Some Other Song," "No Gold to Show," and "Fly Away."

It was obvious to all that both bands take their music very seriously, practicing a good deal and it showed.

Thanks to everybody for their good work on this Showcase!