Revolution Mind (ERG)


By Steve Estes

This second effort by Magdalen far surpasses the expectations prompted by the success of last year's Big Bang album. The new spelling of the band's name denotes a change in musical direction and in its lineup.

Tamplin has been replaced by the gutsier Phil Bardowell, and former House of Lords bassist Chuck Wright has been added. H. of L.'s former drummer, Ken Mary, and guitarist Lanny Cordola remain.

Magdalen's music has moved to a more groove-oriented rock sound that contains elements of jazz, funk, rock and blues. Issues such as war and hatred are dealt with in "Revolution Mind" and "Mad at the World." "White Rice" speaks to hunger, "Baby Insane" to gang violence, and materialism is addressed in "Caves of Hercules."

With much less production than Magdalen's first effort, Revolution Mind has heart and soul, a must for any rock fan's collection.